mothra vs. mothra

gregor samsa awoke from his hibernation yet again.

it seemed that his kaleidoscopic vision had tripled and his rounded eyes were faceted hexagons of the space around him. he could see the bed under him, the pillows on top of him, the mucous cocoon above him. he felt fresh, spritely even.

he gnawed his way through the cocoon walls and suddenly the same light exploded into view a billion times over. he'd left the bathroom light on and felt compelled with an insatiable need to see himself in the light of the mirror. as he stepped further out of his cocoon a wing unfurled from around his body, then a second. he gasped in awe at the two large, blue eyes that stared back at him. they were his eyes from a life lived long ago. 

his mandibles were gone as was anything he'd remembered as a mouth. a satiety he'd never known rested within him as the constant hunger he'd never realized had disappeared. 

his wings fluttered gently as he lifted off the floor and drifted towards the bathroom in gentle swoops and arcs. his purpose had now been realized and as he saw the billion faces of his reflected self in the mirror he knew, undeniably, that he was here to destroy. no more loathing, no more humanity, no more rage -- just his pure and unadulterated madness upon the world. 

the last moment of pity flew through him as his humanity left and his thoughts voided into the insects' oblivion. his previous life's eyes stared a sad blue from his wings as if they understood that transformation.

mothra lived, mothra would conquer, mothra will reign.   

mothra vs. mothra | pale lager w/ citra hops | 4.8 abv