Milkman | Manbaby


Wisconsin is filled with night terrors. odd fears that prey on the small towns and through the unending fields of corn. cities of small men, alien graffiti, and people eaters have all found a place in wisconsin's rising, anxious heart rate. 

a new generation of monster's are budding -- today's feature : milkman manbaby

Milkman & manbaby were born under the disco sun of studio 54. they are the new 13th sign of the zodiac: the evil twins. often they can be found perambulating popular graveyards, spilling their unending bottles of milk as they delight in their romp. ghosts and people can here the rattle, clack, and chipping of the manbaby's platform shoes filled with his own baby teeth; an unnatural, nerve-flicking rattle is said to stalk towards you from some unknown direction.

milkman breathes asthmatically with an odd phlegm-filled chortle punctuating somewhere between 3-and-ah with manbaby's 8th note shuffling rattle. a few brave individuals have believed they are trying to communicate through song, some have dared try to play along. Current reports appear to indicate that several lich amble slowly behind the monstrous pair playing instruments oozing foul muzak --

we can only study and guess as to their intentions. we wait patiently, nerves almost fried, for more reports of  this unsettling duo and their actions. rest fitfully until then world, with one eye creaking open to catch the monsters in this world. 

milkman&manbaby's marching band from someplace scarier than hell is soon to play through your town -- 

milkman manbaby | "german" milk stout
6.8% abv