"always be wary of the magic of the bluemen," whispered mr. chippy meekly. 

with that reminder echoing between our thick skulls, we set off on our quest to find the perfect cup of coffee. now this mr. chippy had told us of a group of magicians with backwards heads living in a blue world. magicians who traveled silently between planets and planes and performed inconsequential pieces of magic.

they'll turn hydrangeas from white to blue over a weeks time. they'll sneak into your home and cloud themselves in your musk and perfume, and they'll cause you to stutter when flustered, and they'll even strip your nuts when you're trying to wrench them off -- all tedious and underwhelming magical experiences indeed.

you figure you could probably go on not knowing these men of the blue existed and feel just fine in your normal frustrations, and we'd normally agree with you, but they have one irresistible and fantastical feat of which we seek --

their most renowned piece of magic is their ability to turn that good cup of coffee into that damn fine cup of coffee. turn the mundane java into one of those perfect pick-me-ups that set you straight; those black gold mugs of felix felicis. 

we've all experiences it at least once -- where after that final sip the day runs as if on an auto-pilot of everything is awesome and life is gonna work out -- and we've catalogued it as a magical feat of an unreal surreality that has realness. 

we're after these blue magicians for all of us peoplekind.

we at oliphant are gonna harness this magic and set the world straight --

...or blue ourselves trying. 

gobias | coffee black ale | 8.6% abv