night sweats

so the odd never ended up being odd enough.

a heavy, phlegmatic sigh rent itself from it’s occupation of trevor’s chest cavity and dropped as mucuous sacked bud onto the tiled floor. something between a snarl and a dry heave escaped as it gooped up the surrounding air with the degenerate taste of bile. madt stared at it. he continued to stare at it. he then forgot it was there. the mescaline had kicked in.

on the floor was the disgust between the two of them at the absence of a true- made heart. as madt hacked like a young smoker, trevor nudged that goo with his foot and laughed. then he watched madt’s come up and saw that it was pink & purple, yellow & green and smelled like orange flavored kerosene. it was amusing if you were in the right mind for it.

but yes, this true- made heart. what is it? where could it come from? in large thought bubbles that connected between trevor and madt’s brain, something appeared. it looked like a large, skinny, dumb elephant. and they laughed until it trumpeted hard enough for them to void their bowels. believe me, they paid attention real quick after that.

its name was oliphant. its gift was beer.

it was born in a dimension 3 up and 2 to the left of ours and so it had a perfect vantage point to stare down into our world and watch us drink. much like a pervert would but this one is omniscent so we’ll let it be.

he told us that we were saturn’s suns that had all been eaten, dissolved, defecated and who knows what else and that it was time for us to make our way back into the lower worlds (oliphant looks down from his vantage point so our heavenly what- have- you still doesn’t look that great to him).

we were the chosen ones. you should probably fear us, but i really wouldn’t worry about it.