Ant Ray Cow Pants

the time serpent spit up a large, pointy, mucous covered blob. 

this blob contained three weapons of unimaginable power -- 

1) (we aren't telling)

2) an ant ray

3) a pair of cow pants 

-- these weapons, when paired together, have earth shattering consequences. an omega god of unusual proportion, both large and weightless, utilizes the unused telepathic function of our appendix' and creates a bluetooth link to our tonsils and forces us to mourn on and on and on in a glossolaliac song forcibly sung. this song would vibrate us right off the galactic table. 

an entire earth of dogs singing to the moon. 

now we're not saying that we'll use them. this isn't a threat from the acolytes of Eau'li Fantome. this isn't anything but the statement that -- "we have ant ray cow pants and we're not afraid to use it." 

imperial red ale w/ kaffir lime, ginger, and red curry. 
7.5% abv. | on tao now.