we are all prawns

we're pretty sure that the beer made was part ectoplasmic mud intended as a 5th dimensional chrysalis for an almost immediate and rude awakening of shrimp-kind. once fed to the prawny bastards they grow strong and stout. they're tenuous ligament connections calcify and grow stronger and they can appear to read people's minds by a simple flexing of their delicious muscles. they're tv antenna antennas probe the air and gently wave in the breeze though the touch them is as touching rough-grit sand and glass paper and leaves tiny shards similar grabbing the white paint of a fire hydrant marker. 

we had no idea. we swear. 

we're just here's to brew beer, not help with the awakening of the earth's 6th cycle of developed beings. that being said -- all hail the prawn people! may their mighty and lesser claws be bound only by their own strength of will. let the buddha shrimp click and clackle their obscene language to the world.