tittleman's crest

Tuttle Warmbus chewed his four lips over the planets in the sky.

There were two -- one had mountains, the other an ocean. 

Today was the day he'd sling to Trollip-3, being the first Scuttletronian explorer to do so.

His Slingboat was packed and ready. The crowd reeling at the now possible impossibilities.

Tension cracking in the otherwise calm air.

With a gentle whirrr the Slingboat eased itself off of Trollip-1's surface.

Tuttle scuttled the controls with ease. He held in his lungsack as he left his atmosphere.

The ride was short -- only 4 lightshifts until he touched down on Trollip-3. 

His people had existed as a culture for over 3 million lightrevolutions --

always staring up, wondering if anyone lived next door.

He stepped out of the Slingboat. --

"One small lope for Scuttletron, one giant lumber for Scuttletronia."


The Mugwulps blinked their 6 eyes at the strange creature who blinked his 2 eyes back.

"dinner!" they agreed unison as they hopped to surround it.   

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