tap list

brown sugar brown brown
how many micro machines should your pint glass be away from your micro machine collection? tune in next time to find out! english-style brown ale. 6.5% abv

mr. samurai karateguy
chef by day, warrior spy ninja by evening, dad always. this guy puts the pep in pep pep. india pale ale w/ citra and centennial hops. 5.8% abv

blue hulk
robert smith got way too close to banner's secret stash...now the sadder he is, the stronger he becomes. lager with blueberries. 5% abv

mothra v.s. mothra
why come no one feeds me from out of their hands like i am wild life? this is real. why? i do live under you deck after all. lager with citra hops. 5% abv

zone plane 8
le dangus is very sad. he practices juggling morning, day, and night. yet still, he is very terrible at it. belgian-style pale ale brewed with 3 varieties of hops. 6.3% abv

hans macgruber

smoked so good, c'mon lager got you smoked so good. sometimes a...ehh, you get it. smoked vienna-style lager. 5.5% abv

awesome juice, great job!
 a youtube rabbit hole, layered in wikipedia articles, covered with metaphorical lava sauce. wit with spices and lemon. 4.2% abv

somos extremos
matt walrus may be retired from wiffleball, but you can still check out his far out adventures on intergalactic spaceship: earth. coffee golden ale. 6.5% abv

it's pouring again. where's coop? what's going on? im confused, but i also love it. coffee black ale. 8% abv

rolo tony brown town
this is what you get when you combine sharks, dinosaurs, and ghosts. brown ale with cinnamon and maple syrup. 8.5% abv

old kenny rogers is some great stuff. check it out and crank it up to 12.  wee heavy ale. 9.5% abv

grauman's center
go on a journey with us, your pilot is gristle mcthiccbody, he is an expert and only crashes sometimes.  barrel-aged foreign export stout. 9% abv