tap list

strawberry c.h.u.d.
how to be a barry: step 1. present birth certificate to our registrar. step 2. receive a storkly spanking. step 3. berry on, barry! lager with strawberry flavor. 4.8% abv

lizardize mariguanas
the universe's most blunt-headed team of iguanas quest for truth, freedom, and equality. ipa w/ citra, wakatu, warrior, and amarillo hops. 6.6% abv

snail down!
josh is back, turns out no one really likes fly honey. i could've told him that. hoppy saison w/ wakatu, warrior, and citra hops. 4.9% abv

i've told you once, and i've told you twice, if it has melted in the sun, it's probably ice. or chocolate. saison brewed with rye and wheat. 6% abv

xenomorphin' power strangers
a kindly, galactic wizard visited us last night. his beard was full of space debris, and he gave us all mystic lizard roots for good behavior. india black ale. 7% abv

fresh off the big screen, this treeman, part douglas fir and part sycamore, stands tall as a favorite, but why?.... gruit-style ale. 5.7% abv

taylor, the hunkiest boy in our galaxy, says this beer is an important part of a balanced hunk lifestyle. robust porter. 6% abv

bird up!
walt Russ is stepping in, and up to the plate for matt walrus. mr. walrus chipped his tusks and will be out for awhile. saison with turmeric and lemongrass. 5.3% abv

undiscovered worlds
tastes like funeral doom, but sadder, slower, thicker, darker, and more full of anguish.  Russian imperial stout. 9.5% abv

milkman manbaby
in collaboration with the narrative voice of robert stack, we are excited to present to you: this beer. german-style milk stout. 6.8% abv

hobotown 2.0
we don't want to share this with anyone. we are selfish and will drink it all. just try and get a sip. tequila barrel-aged gose-style ale w/ sea salt and lime. 5.5% abv

prizza demon -nitro-
there is nothing funny to say about this one. josh loves it. he always has one after a spin in the tardis. english-style mild ale. 4.4% abv