tap list

it's the time of the saison. are you crisp? are you dry like me? have you taken any time to show me...

saison brewed with rye and wheat. 6% abv

mr. samurai karateguy
he may seem like an ordinary fry cook or chef, i don't know which one he is, but look closer at those hands...gasp! those aren't hands, they are karate swords!!!

india pale ale with citra and centennial hops. 5.8% abv

honees honees
 i now feel a breath on my neck, madt leans in to whisper sweet peanut butter and honey nothings in my ear. i turn around and he presents himself, tail feathers and all, in full glory. so colorful. so beautiful.

golden ale brewed with peanut butter, honey and lactose. 5.6% abv

ant ray cow pants
"reach for the closest star, don't ever try too hard. upset people. scream all the time. cry too. sleep in a coffin." - J.a. miller

red ale brewed with red curry, ginger, and makrut lime. 7.4% abv

boatman forever
dang it! boatman needs help! yachtwing, hurry down to the pier, looks like the sea man is once again trying to give us the slip.

dry stout. 4.9% abv

amphibious rodent
"umm, yummy" says josh in his baby voice. "time out. in the dungeon, now!!!!" screams trevor, blood dripping from his ears.

black ale with cacao nibs. 7.6% abv

big jilm
we took an ancient brown ale recipe, removed all the lizards from it and had it blessed by a squadron of orcs. 

northern english style brown ale. 5.1% abv

on for a brief time to calibrate our tastebuds for many more rounds.

oktoberfest lager. 6.3% abv

swamp thing
this is the time of the year when trees are most vocal. are they saying hello or are they screaming because they can't move? i'll never know.

smoked scotch style ale. 6.6% abv

party on garth

 me and my bros and buds were recently cruising around town singing along to "bohemian rhapsody" by queen. we are so weird and original.

black ale. 5.6% abv

lieutenant daddy
this guy may look tough, and he is, but his heart is quite meltable, and the results are waaaaay worth it.

double ipa w/ wakatu, mosaic, zythos, and galaxy hops. 9.5% abv

prizza demon
it's like being in a restaurant and having your friends shove free rolls in your mouth, and then the server comes back and you have to turn away from them in shame. they know. 

english-style mild ale. 4.4% abv