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get ready for some feelings. this one will have you laying on your back in bed with sadness blasting, staring up at the ceiling thinking, does the wind ever stop blowing or does it just keep going? and no one understands me, i’m gonna go live in a cave. we don’t know if you should live in a cave, or what the wind is up to as it zooms around, but we do maybe know that we maybe are not wind or caves…or maybe we are? mwuahahahahahahaha! (echoes as if in cave)

golden ale. 5% abv

the mangus

why my side hurts, i dunno? but mayhaps i have been laughing too hard and too much. but where does one draw the line? the world may never know.

milkshake india pale ale w/ mango. 5.6% abv

secret squishy

normally you would be right about secrets not making friends, but i’d bet this one will make new friends. but don’t overreact, keep some old, if they smell bad, it’s probably mold. i wanted to call this wide egress: secret seacrest, but they laughed at me they did. locked me up they threatened. but i will win, tell me in person how much you love it.

sour ale w/ raspberry, lemon juice, lemon zest, sea salt, and lactose. 5% abv

mr. samurai karateguy
listen, i don’t have infinite time to be funny, witty, smart, or ponderous all the time. so, back off if you were expecting something like that, and turn around and step onto my reality coaster. this is a beer. it is an india pale ale style, hazy with some hops. cool. ok. that was fun! want to ride again? didn’t think so. i’m so gonna try to whip the table cloth off of my kitchen table without disturbing any dishes or place settings, when i get home. “that’ll show ‘em!” says jeremy’s brain.

tone poem by josh

hazy india pale ale with citra and centennial hops. 6% abv

honees honees
so this last description got people all sorts of befuddled and confrizzled. to be clear, honees will never not ever not go away. i hope that clears things up. 


qwarty, the new h.r. (qwerty didn’t cut it)

peanut butter and honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

she hunk

i would like you to try to tell me i am watching too many real ghost videos on youtube. i will counter with, “i think there are too many ghost videos that aren’t very good on youtube. i am trying to find the good ones.”

milkshake india pale ale w/ coffee, lactose, & a great mystery solved by the middle of season 2. 5.6% abv

cmdr. ryeker

i sent kris on a mission in last week’s adventure. there was an escaped handsome monster destroying the universe with too much good looks. i knew he was good at playing the wall and waiting for the moment to strike, or not. I like that about him. i also like that he likes this so much, so here is to you!

india red ALE. 6% abv

teenage muten ninja roshi

i am making an announcement. drink your cup of blood, or if you prefer, a blood substitute.

double india pale ale. 10% abv

peanut butter rodent

next up in the series of jeremy’s music adventures; high school and hip hops. i got an sp 404 when i was 16 or 17, i still have it to this day, and dozens of memory cards filled with samples and drum snaps and pops. I was in a group with matt and ian, and a rotating cast of friends. Actually, chase and i kinda started it. he wrote a whole song, like 4 sheets of raps on notebook paper. the song was called “merciful merchant adventurer”. it was a lot of fun, it was the first full song i made that i was proud of. it’s rough and the beat is obnoxious, but it did the job.

black ale w/ cacao nibs and peanut butter flavor. 8% abv


if i was a product reviewer i would try to have some fun with it.

coffee black ale. 8% abv


it is tomorrow, therefore it is here! ready yourself.

bourbon barrel aged doppelbock lager. 9% abv

HUngy for goomungee

there, now do you see?

rum barrel aged imperial brown sugar brown brown w/ maple syrup. 10% abv

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everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everyTHIng on tap is available to go, too!


12oz 4 packs

hunkboy                                                                                           robust porter. 6% abv

mr. samurai karateguy                                                                                       hazy ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv

honees honees                                                                                       peanut butter & honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

teenage muten ninja roshi                                                                                 ddh double india pale ale w/ citra, wakatu, & amarillo hops. 10% abv


750mL crowlers

SUPERtalentFRAGILISTEC                                                                               russian imperial stout with evening flavors. 9% abv 

 anutart mixer                                                                               kettle sour w/ blueberry & pineapple. 5% abv 

gobias                                                                               coffee lack ale. 8% abv

peanut butter rodent                                                                       black ale w/ cacao nibs and peanut butter flavor. 8% abv