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it's the time of the saison. are you crisp? are you dry like me? have you taken any time to show me...

saison brewed with rye and wheat. 6% abv

mr. samurai karateguy
he may seem like an ordinary fry cook or chef, i don't know which one he is, but look closer at those hands...gasp! those aren't hands, they are karate swords!!!

india pale ale with citra and centennial hops. 5.8% abv

honees honees
 i now feel a breath on my neck, madt leans in to whisper sweet peanut butter and honey nothings in my ear. i turn around and he presents himself, tail feathers and all, in full glory. so colorful. so beautiful.

golden ale brewed with peanut butter, honey and lactose. 5.6% abv

the general grieves in his nest. the lizards have won the battle and the war but the survivor fears only the evil in his dreams. he will have his revenge and pick the cold meat from their lizard bones.

Ne ipa w/ citra, cascade, & centennial hops. 7.4% abv

'xurrp one
if i could go on our record; this is a real purty looking beer. i haven't tasted it yet, but if it tastes as good as it looks, watch out momma, it's all mine! i'm very sorry if i drink this all and leave you none. really, really, very sorry that i am so talented at being cool.

farmhouse ale with frontenac and marquette grapes. 5.1% abv

apparently everything exists somehow, somewhere. so somewhere is a ladybug and pug hybrid that would take all our hearts and moosh them into unending and unendurable love.

pale ale w/ chinook & colombus hops. 4% abv

the stallion pt.6
this version is 20 minutes longer, with 10x the amount of megaphone screeches, more feedback than you should handle, and lots and lots of brown. though not the end, we find the stallion unable to support his habits of galloping and trotting across the states and jammin', so he finds a part time job at a guitar center. that was the day music died.

golden ale with guava. 5% abv

little dipster

way high, up in the mountains, i was hiking and came across a tiny bear cub. i found another one too, maybe his brother??? but my feet were cold and i fashioned them into boots. don't worry, they were not harmed, but simply taped to my legs. we continued to stroll onward 'til we came upon a clearing. we looked up at the sky, the three of us, and i told them where they came from: the stars. then, as i looked down to see their smiles, twas just my own feet. 

smoked vienna-style lager aged in rum barrels. 6% abv

two stoopid dogs flashes quickly on the screen. it's been over 10 years since syndication. the room flashes green. invasion; it has begun.

doppeldopple bock. 8% abv

sometimes getting swole means being nice to people and not having panic sweats when you enter an elevator. 

robust porter. 6% abv

what do you think this all here means? we're not gonna talk about java. we're not gonna talk about java at all.

coffee black ale featuring some darn fine espresso roasts from up roasters. 8% abv

ima crighty pooster
extra, extra, read all about it. this one is a clogger. it'll block your lines and pumps, but woooo! is it delicious. so worth it all. and you should've seen the hopsludge, it was like this|               |thicc. let's get swole on this. is it even mainstream? you'll have to find it out. 

milkshake ipa with lactose and vanilla. 5.5% abv

to go --
everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everything on tap is available to go, too!


scare bear
hurry and stash this in yer gullet. all that is left is in the cooler, and it won't last long. it'll be gone as quick as a left cheek sneak.

baltic porter aged in bourbon barrels. 9% abv

"a good one!"
it's pretty good, and definitely "not bad". when looking to suggest something good, this is the one. most would agree it's a good one.

milk stout. 5.5% abv

amphibious rodent

some things you take to the grave, while other things are clenched in a death grip after a rather nasty run in with some unusually large and gristly vermen. don't know what we are talking about? me either!

black ale with cacao nibs. 8.2% abv

somos extremos
we know that the smashing and the bashing will bring the value up. so we bash and smash and smush all that coffee into a beautiful, golden ale.

golden ale aged on coffee. 5.5% abv

big jilm
conan wrecks savage havoc on the world, by crom! big jilm leathers up for the cabaret. 

northern-english style brown ale. 5.1% abv

leche dorado de kittay
the city of gold was never a city but instead a fancy, lovely kittay. 

cream ale w/ lactose, vanilla, and golden milk spices. 4.8% abv. 

apparently everything exists somehow, somewhere. so somewhere is a ladybug and pug hybrid that would take all our hearts and moosh them into unending and unendurable love.

pale ale w/ chinook & colombus hops. 4% abv

little dipster

the script is still set in madt's type-e-ma-jig, but hark if ye doth peer over his shoulder, the letters shall form into words that harness the power to create and destroy worlds. or so i am told... 

rum barrel-aged smoked vienna-style lager. 5.5% abv

means strong. means nature-boy is coming at you hard. hard as mr. socko. 

gruit ale w/ rainbow peppercorns, cloves, juniper berries, & something i'm forgetting. 5.7% abv

(caraway seeds)

we're not playing silly, coffee is an old man's drink. 

coffee black ale. 8% abv

mr. x!
when you are in doubt, make sure you tell your secrets to the internet. they will both keep secrets and tell secrets back to you in a secret fashion. 

extra special bitter

also bort
we've heard it a million times! bort bort bort bort, all our children are named bort! we'll hear none of it again! 

belgian golden strong. 8% abv

cats cats cats cats!!
throw your dogs in the trash, it's time for lizards!! i mean cats!!!

india pale ale w/ cascade, centennial, columbus, and chinook hops

mothra vs. mothra
could this be a zwickel lager? could this be a clear and true lager? the inner battle rages in mothra.

india pale lager w/ citra hops

red hulk
hulk decides he's a man of rainbow and we should treat him as such. it's best to be polite to giant monsters with the hugest muscles. 

red lager

we can do what everyone else can do! we tell ya, ya for sure we good like that. no we are them and them are we and that is the greatness. 

NE Ipa w/ citra, cascade, and centennial. 7.4% abv

4pk 16oz Cans

zozo gun
color mutants rent a hole through space; swirling gray follows. along, refraction suit lit, the traveler eyes as the monstrosities approach. safety clicks off. 

india pale ale w/ cascade & zythos hops. 7.5% abv

it stands for dongle gong 2wo crevasse 2wo mister freezy. happy? 

saison w/ wheat&rye. 6% abv

mr. samurai karateguy
he's never known the pleasure of scratching his own back. sadly, mister double sword hands here lives a life of utility and he knows it. 

india pale ale w/ citra & centennial hops. 5.8% abv

lizardize mariguanas
george washington once claimed that lizards where the true heir to mankind. that's how the lizard people got started in government and that, my fellow humans, is what is going to be our mammalian downfall. 

india pale ale w/ amarillo, citra, wakatu, & warrior hops. 6.66% abv