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everything that is currently on tap!

awesome juice, great job!
it must be spring, almost summer. i can tell that by looking at my seinfield wall calendar.

wit w/ spices and lemon. 5.5% abv

the mangus

this reminds me of that time in elementary school when that kid at my table told his older brother he lost his gameboy. i have yet to see eyes bug out as far as they did on that boy that day. what a thing, being a kid and learning about responsibilities. his mom should’ve pinned that gameboy to his jacket with string.

mango sour ipa w/lactose 5.6% abv

raspberry anutart

if you ask where we got these berries, i will tell you. the internet. www.fruit.com.

kettle sour ale w/ raspberry. 5% abv

super squishy

no, for the last time, this is not my nickname.

sour ale w/ blackberry, raspberry, lactose & coconut. 5% abv

honees honees
i just ate a whole jar of prunes, so pardon me if this description is more regular than normal…

peanut butter and honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

mr. samural karateguy

doesn’t ice cream sound really good about now? or how about a lay down on a blanket in a park in the summer, watching butterflies do their thing? mmm, that sounds nice. as i write this i am thinking of strolling down to the fishin’ hole for a quick dip ‘o’ the pole and see if i catch anything besides an old shoe or tire. wish me luck!

ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv

truck buddies

this is for the fans of our animated automatic vehicle robot friend show, truck buddies.

milkshake ipa w/ blackberries. 5.6% abv

red hulk

it is a combination batguy, davedevil, bryce banner, and boy hellman. it is yummy.

red lager. 6% abv


check this out (i put my hands on my mouth and blow air through them so it sounds like a fart).

robust porter. 6% abv

teenage muten ninja roshi

for a good time, drink this beer, or do something constructive. build a birdhouse, plant a garden, write a poem, stab a dracula in the heart, or play jenga and then don’t clean it up.

double india pale ale. 10% abv


yet again, this one is not about ghosts. they say, jeremy, “enough with the ghosts”, and thens i say, “enough with you!”. then it is another time out for me, but little do they know, i just treat it as a nap.

russian imperial stout w/ raspberry and peanut butter. 10% abv

crabbin’ on the beach

just in time for 90 degree weather! it’s very thirst-quenching.

please drink in direct sun.

rum barrel aged wee heavy ale. 9.5% abv

to go --
everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everyTHIng on tap is available to go, too!


12oz 4 packs

mr. samurai karateguy                                                                                       hazy ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv


750mL crowlers

crabbin on the beach rum barrel-aged wee heavy, conditioned on ridley scotch eggs. 9.5% abv

 2hi2spy                                                                             sour ale w/ grapefruit & lactose. 5% abv 

gobias                     coffee black ale. 8% abv

the little razgul                     raspberry wheat ale. 6% abv