on tap -- 
everything that is currently on tap!

special favorite
this is a new beer. it is very scrumptious. don’t you just love that word? when you slow down and really annunciate it, it feels like you lips are about to float off to somewhere dreamy.

lager. 6% abv

the mangus

this reminds me of that time in elementary school when that kid at my table told his older brother he lost his gameboy. i have yet to see eyes bug out as far as they did on that boy that day. what a thing, being a kid and learning about responsibilities. his mom should’ve pinned that gameboy to his jacket with string.

mango sour ipa w/lactose 5.6% abv

anutart raspberry

i am secretly planning to give everyone who works in this brewery a bowl cut and then i’m going to walk in with a plate cut and shame them all.

raspberry sour. 5%abv

super squishy

no, for the last time, this is not my nickname.

sour ale w/ blackberry, raspberry, lactose & coconut. 5% abv

honees honees
i just read something that i made up that blew my own mind. did you know that cats descended from land fish??? like what? my cat cc is picky, and only eats fish. that’s like some ancestral cannabisism! dang. i’m spooked!

peanut butter & honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv


“general! we got bogeys on our tail feathers, and the lizard people are scuttling all about. what do we do?!?” the general sat perched in his war nest; watching. waiting. “ensign!” squawked general lazerhawke, “get me some thinkin’ worms, this is gonna be an all nighter.”

ipa w/ citra, wakatu, & centennial hops. 6.6% abv

truck buddies

twisted steel and burning tires never tasted or looked so good. these friends work hard to save us all from the diabolical towface. i would hope that the next time you see the rough ‘n tough truck buddies, you would toot your horn in appreciation. sheesh!

blackberry milkshake india pale ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

brown sugar brown brown

an original recipe from trevor’s family. grandma wortyman spent years perfecting the balance of this beverage, much like that of a tight rope walker. also, she too was in the circus, not as a tightrope walker, but as the elephant clean up crew. wow, the things you find out!

english-style brown ale. 6.5% abv

somos extremos

i snuck a hodag in this. and if anyone says that we should get our own monsters, well, we already have so many that that’s why i’m taking your hodag too!. #dealwithitcuzitsnotabigdealandjustajokeattheendoftheday

coffee golden ale. 6.5% abv

lieutenant daddy

brewery work is hot. it is also not that special or great. honestly, there is no difference between you sitting at your desk being an accountant, and me sitting here at my art desk typing this garbage…except for the chattering shouts of josh in the warehouse. i can certainly tell he is driving the forklift around, almost destroying everything, saying “whoopsie, sorry!”

double india pale ale. 10% abv

peanut butter rodent

hey, person i talked to last saturday, it’s here, one day late i know, but i try not to lie, so here it is.

black ale w/ cacao nibs and peanut butter. 8% abv

the kindness trap variant

just when i thought i was done, matt chimes in, “boys, go to the website once again.” in my mind, i tell him, no you go to my website.

bourbon barrel-aged coffee imperial stout. 10% abv

to go --
everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everyTHIng on tap is available to go, too!


12oz 4 packs

mr. samurai karateguy                                                                                       ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv

lazerhawke                                                                                       ipa w/ citra, wakatu, & centennial hops. 6.6% abv


750mL crowlers


coffee black ale 8% abv

 brown sugar brown brown                                                                             english-style brown ale. 6.5% abv 

red hulk                     red lager. 6% abv