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hulk s.m.a.s.h.
we hired a new social media guru; qwerty. we were told we were too far out there and such. i still don’t believe it, but when you’re not in charge, what are you to do? who knew qwerty would rule with such force? we’ve been hunted and pecked and i am about sick of. 10 more times and i am thru!

lager. 4% abv

the fart side

i met dean ween in a dream last night. i was in a perpetually long line at target. at one point he jumped up from the crowd and shouted at the crowd that he is dean ween of ween. i raised my hand up and said “hi dean ween” we connected a solid high five, and became fast friends. before giving up on the long line, i asked dean for a guitar tip i could relay to matt. he said that esp guitars are great for shredding. you can play all types of metal on them. then i drove across the hudson bridge and a bunch of cars were hanging of of it.


ima crighty pooster
hey, hey, you, you, get out of my shake. just because i share everything else doesn’t mean i share milkshakes. get your own, if you have some of mine i’ll be forced to have another. and we all know that when that train starts rolling, not even a cow on the track is gonna stop me. cow, milk, milkshake, milkshake ipa. it has become full circle.

milkshake INDIA PALE ALE w/ lactose & vanilla. 5.6% abv

the mangus
i gave up on my musical. i forgot that i don’t even like musicals, what a dofus!.

tart milkshake ipa w/ mango. 5.6% abv

honees honees
i'm baaayaccck again! hurry up and drink more of me please, there are only like 30 more kegs of me, i'm worried you won't get enough of me again before i'm gone again. whaaaaaaaaaa. 

peanut butter and honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

somos extremos

i am listening to java right now. how fitting is that? if you haven’t heard them, they are 2 groove machines that cranked out some neo-psych with some friends. it makes me wish i had friends, but i don’t have the time. my uber lordz will crush all my fingers again with large boulders if i don’t stay here and write.

coffee golden ale. 5.6% abv


a spice for you, and a spice for me, let us all see what this magic brings. a riddle did did, a rootie toot toot, oh dang, shoot, there’s a hole in me boot.

gruit-style ale w/ rainbow peppercorn, juniper berry, clove, and coriander. 6% abv

ant ray cow pants

it has been some time now, hasn’t it son? i’d wager a bet that it has been at least a dozen lunar cycles since last we saw each other. remember when i took you out for a ballpark frank and we watched a sport game? i had to take you back to your mom’s early because her boyfriend hot steve was taking you all on a jet cruise. that was fine though because i was needed back at the space academy for starship fighter hero pilots. you can ask me how that’s going, it’s going great btw. love you my boy.


red ale w/ lime leaf, ginger, and red curry. 7.4% abv

brown sugar brown brown

not to be a gossip, but jeffy quit his shark doctor practice. i don’t normally like to speculate but since he tried so hard to ruin my shark chiropractic venture, i am gonna drag him in the ocean dirt. word from very reliable oceanic research interns paints a rather interesting tale. between you and me, it seems jeffre wanted to train sharks to 2 step. ridiculous, i know. dolphins maybe, but sharks, come on! what a dink! r.i.p. jeff the shark m.d.

english-style brown ale. 6.5% abv

also bort

three is a magic…


tricked you!

belgian-ish tripel-ish. it is good. 9% abv

party on garth

the perfect level of darkness for all those sadboys and sadgirls out there. even mr.campbell got down, like when he couldn’t afford that geetar. it just goes to show, even if you are on top of the world, you could really be in an internal pit of sorrow, on the inside. but never fear, come here and get some mind hugs. they are free.

black ale. 6% abv


next up in a series of never ending madtness. this is the flavor of a parking lot full of bargain hunters and the lonely, joining collective hive minds. savings equals power, power equals hunger, hunger equals thirst. you can almost hear them buzzing with dealzzzzzz.

russian imperial stout w/ coffee, chipotle peppers, & sea salt. 9% abv

to go --
everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everyTHIng on tap is available to go, too!


12oz 4 packs

lAZERHAWKE                                                                                            ne india pale ale. 5.6% abv

honees honees                                                                                            peanut butter & honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

hunkboy                                                                                           robust porter. 6% abv


750mL crowlers

SOMOS EXTREMOS                                                                                           GOLDEN ALE WITH COFFEE. 5.6% abv

brown sugar brown brown                                                                               english-style brown ale. 6.5% abv

supertalentfargilistic                                                                               russian imperial stout w/ coffee, chipotle peppers, and sea salt. 9% abv