On tap -- 
everything that is currently on tap!

i had a dream last night that i was taking stools off the cooler and stepped onto a rolling stair ladder, then the stairs moved and i fell. i was ok tho, but even in my dream, i felt slightly embarrassed.

cream ale. 5% abv


jean hoboton, a.k.a. hobocop, wants you to know he is watching. he knows every piece of trash you recycle, and reacts with a small lip curling upward to what he would deny to be the start of a smile. he also knows about the trash, and believe you me, he has 50, if not 51 ideas of ‘corrective behavior’.

gose-style ale w/ sea salt & lime. 5% abv

splendid squishy

glendid the good witch descended upon our quaint village with three demands. I interrupted her and asked, “aren’t you supposed to grant us our demands?” she raised her wooden harold potter’s twig at me and said “that is a genie, i am a witch, and a good witch at that.” the next thing i know, i’m a large three-eyed cat. sweet!

sour w/ raspberry, lemon juice, pineapple, vanilla, & lactose. 5% abv

mr. samurai karateguy
listen, i don’t have infinite time to be funny, witty, smart, or ponderous all the time. so, back off if you were expecting something like that, and turn around and step onto my reality coaster. this is a beer. it is an india pale ale style, hazy with some hops. cool. ok. that was fun! want to ride again? didn’t think so. i’m so gonna try to whip the table cloth off of my kitchen table without disturbing any dishes or place settings, when i get home. “that’ll show ‘em!” says jeremy’s brain.

tone poem by josh

hazy india pale ale with citra and centennial hops. 6% abv

honees honees
so this last description got people all sorts of befuddled and confrizzled. to be clear, honees will never not ever not go away. i hope that clears things up. 


qwarty, the new h.r. (qwerty didn’t cut it)

peanut butter and honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

brown sugar brown brown

moleboys, ladymoles, molekind, and molefolk clammer with their blind claw hands for a taste of sweet. stored in an underground chasm, filled with duey eggbert and larry gilfoyle contraptions, bsbb is a prize for those moles wise enough to out contrapt the contraptions. no mole has succeeded yet, so it is all ours babies!

english-style brown ale. 6.5% abv

cmdr. ryeker

i am still waiting for star trek: d generation x...

india red ale for kris’. 6% abv

somos extremos

put your illegal drugs away, and get ready to be interrogated. i’m gonna ask you where there are and you had better have a real good alibi. no dancing or horse trotting around the subject, if i can’t break you, no one can. i am that good.

-excerpt from my one man cop show; badge detective.

coffee golden ale. 6.5% abv

last year’s talent

do you ever just sit in a chair and stare blankly into the wall, waiting until a noise sounds to pull you back into your sweater vest of reality? i do, usually when i get home after a long day of work, or if I have nothing else to do. and you might be saying to yourself, that sounds like meditation maybe. i beg to differ, there is no mantra or key word chant here. i like to think of it as giving the ol’ brain jobber a 15, without cutting off the oxygen supply. it’s kinda like a nap but you don’t sleep; the world could stop spinning and your dog could be swallowing a whole sock, and they would both go unnoticed. and then suddenly you remember it is dinner time, and then you are like sweet, it is dinner time!

russian imperial stout w/ almond, cacao nibs, & coffee. 9% abv

smoked wheat erryday

there’s nothing special about this except everything.

smoked wheat ale w/ pineapple, lactose, citra hops, & chipotle. 7% abv


it is tomorrow, therefore it is here! ready yourself.

bourbon barrel aged doppelbock lager. 9% abv

teenage muten ninja roshi

i am making an announcement. drink your cup of blood, or if you prefer, a blood substitute.

double india pale ale. 10% abv

to go --
everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everyTHIng on tap is available to go, too!


12oz 4 packs

hunkboy                                                                                           robust porter. 6% abv

mr. samurai karateguy                                                                                       hazy ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv

honees honees                                                                                       peanut butter & honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

teenage muten ninja roshi                                                                                 ddh double india pale ale w/ citra, wakatu, & amarillo hops. 10% abv

lizardize mariguanas                                                                                 ddh india pale ale w/ citra, wakatu, warrior, & amarillo hops. 6.66% abv


750mL crowlers

medium talent                                                                               russian imperial stout. 9% abv 

 secret squishy                                                                             sour ale w/ raspberry, lemons, lactose, & some other junk. 5% abv 

gobias                                                                               coffee black ale. 8% abv

brown sugar brown brown                                                           english style brown ale. 6.5% abv