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everything that is currently on tap!

awesome juice, great job!
it must be spring, almost summer. i can tell that by looking at my seinfield wall calendar.

wit w/ spices and lemon. 5.5% abv


legend has it that whenever it is really warm out, this concoction appears to our brewer in a dream. he jolts out of bed and races into work, even if he is just in his skivvies, and starts the brewing process as if possessed. it is a sight to behold, at times he is moving so quickly, he appears to be a spinning cloud with arms and legs going in and out, and all about.

gose-style ale w/ sea salt and lime. 5% abv

raspberry anutart

i am so ready for tangus.

kettle sour ale w/ raspberry. 5% abv

leche dorado de kittay

meow. on for tonight.

cream ale w/ lactose & spices. 5% abv

honees honees
i just ate a whole jar of prunes, so pardon me if this description is more regular than normal…

peanut butter and honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv

mr. samural karateguy

doesn’t ice cream sound really good about now? or how about a lay down on a blanket in a park in the summer, watching butterflies do their thing? mmm, that sounds nice. as i write this I am thinking of strolling down to the fishin’ hole for a quick dip ‘o’ the pole and see if i catch anything besides an old shoe or tire. wish me luck!

hazy ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv


sometimes guitar is sad. sometimes guitar is happy. sometimes i play my guitar. and sometime i write crappy.

golden eel. 6% abv

big jilm


i have not received any information on the st. croix mall, so again, if you have any information on or photos of the old st. croix mall,

please write to:

jeremy hughes

350 main st. ste. 2

somerset, wi 54025.

northern english-style brown ale. 5% abv


when i am not lift dumbbells, getting swole, i am helping geff getting swole. so swole. last time he punched me in the mouth for being too hunky. it knocked all me teeth out and i swallowed them. now i rock chiclets. looking fleek, y’all!

robust porter. 6% abv

lieutenant daddy

a swift kick to the wingwomp is what i say! watch it! or i’ll kick you in the mind hole. keep on a moving! I ain’t got randy newman time here. you asked for it, here comes a kiss!!!

double india pale ale. 10% abv

medium talent

sadly, this is not about ghosts.

imperial stout. 10% abv

crabbin’ on the beach

just in time for 90 degree weather! it’s very thirst-quenching.

please drink in direct sun.

rum barrel aged wee heavy ale. 9.5% abv

to go --
everything that is available to go! (though not listed, everyTHIng on tap is available to go, too!


12oz 4 packs

mr. samurai karateguy                                                                                       hazy ipa w/ citra & centennial hops. 6% abv

honees honees                                                                                       peanut butter & honey golden ale w/ lactose. 5.6% abv


750mL crowlers

crabbin on the beach rum barrel-aged wee heavy, conditioned on ridley scotch eggs. 9.5% abv

 2hi2spy                                                                             sour ale w/ grapefruit & lactose. 5% abv 

gobias                     coffee black ale. 8% abv