Here’s the sweet hymns :


smug club (unobtanium class) : $150 Individual | $250 Couple

  • $1 off all beers wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    $1 off all Crowlers and Growlers everyday
    10% off all merchandise
    invitation to Smug Club yearly party
    invitation to periodic tastings and events
    1st opportunity for barrel and special release reservation
    drawing of themselves in taproom by Jeremy or Taylor


barrel club!! shit! 

  • Your, your friends, and your family have the opportunity to buy a barrel for our brewery. When you buy a barrel you get (3) free hoglets of each barrel release (not just yours), a placard with your information on the barrel, and unobtanium status for one year from purchase. For the initial joiners, the time it takes to age the beer until the first beer release will be added on top of the normal year club membership. Membership will cost $400 for normal barrels -- i.e. bourbon, rum, tequila, and wine -- and for racks, shipping, and general costs. We can work on different membership prices if you have a different idea of barrels -- i.e. scotch, port, calvados, etc. -- you'd like to bring in instead.  

    let the barrels reign.