SMUG club v.! 

this is possibly our most important smug club yet. WHY!? because we’re using the proceeds of this year’s membership drive to help fund our expansion! our plans are to purchase a larger brewhouse, cellar, and packaging line to be installed in-house!

this is the crucial next step we need to grow our business and we very much appreciate doing it with your help!

with this new system we can —

  • brew at the same monthly volume in less time

  • brew at a larger volume daily

  • package in 12oz & 16oz cans! (that means beers such as gobias, super squishy, party on garth!, party on wayne! can be made available more regularly!)

  • hire more people!

  • maintain and exceed our current quality control

  • have jeremy produce a million more artworks

starting dec. 1st, you will be able to enroll yourself in our membership program lasting for all of 2019! you can purchase your membership in our taproom or follow the button below to purchase online! benefits are described below —


availability -- december 1st - 31st 2018 

price -- $150 per person 

benefits -- jan. 1st 2019 - dec. 31ST 2019

$1 off all beers, everyday
(12) free 750ml crowlers per year*
(6) free 4pks per year**
(1) 15% off merch coupon
 pint upon purchase
free pint on your b-day!

*some crowlers i.e. barrel-aged beers & super specialty releases will be made unavailable to the free crowler program per Oliphant brewing’s discretion.

** some 4pks will be made unavailable per Oliphant brewing’s discretion.